Night Or Day Keep Sleep Troubles Away
Our slogan, Our promise.


We’ve all heard the expression, “sleep like a baby” and while it’s generally used to describe sleeping soundly, deeply, and restfully, most parents will tell you this is usually not the case with actual babies. Babies wake often! Whether it’s because they are hungry, or because they are wet, or they’ve lost their beloved binky somewhere, or they have simply managed to break free from their swaddle. So ironically, babies don’t always “sleep like babies.” And while hunger and binky loss is not something we can solve, what we have solved, is babies waking needlessly due to swaddle escape! 

Our product, Swaddle Magic, was created entirely by accident but out of sheer necessity. Our daughter who slept great while she was swaddled, very quickly learned how to free an arm or sometimes even both. Suddenly she was wide awake and so were we. Thus, the dilemma began. 

We purchased every swaddle imaginable and none seemed to work. Though some worked better or longer than others, unfortunately our “Houdini” baby managed to escape them all! That is when I realized if any of us were ever going to sleep again, I would have no choice but to make my own swaddle. I spent all my free time researching various swaddling blankets and swaddling techniques, trying to understand what works and what doesn’t. What I noticed was all swaddling blankets were either too loose or did nothing to contain the shoulders. This got me thinking.

Eventually, I came up with an idea for a dual swaddle that would actually include the shoulders and hoped this would prevent her from wiggling out. The first blanket I created was neither well constructed nor pleasing to the eye by any means, but it worked! She started sleeping through the night and much to my surprise, she wasn’t able to break free. Night after night she slept, uninterrupted! At that moment I knew this was something great and I wanted nothing more than to share it with parents everywhere. It took several years before we were able to make Swaddle Magic a reality, but it is finally here! 

We are very excited to get to share our product with you. We know firsthand how important sleep is for babies, and of course parents, and we want to give you more of it!

We hope that you love our blanket as much as we do. But, if for any reason you don’t, we offer a 100% money back guarantee. No questions asked.