Swaddle Magic™ is a truly unique swaddling blanket whose dual- swaddle design is the first ever of its kind! The innovative shoulder-inclusive technique is guaranteed to effectively keep any baby swaddled, and sleeping longer!                       

Swaddle Magic™ promotes baby's comfort and safety while our virtually inescapable design keeps even the most skilled, "Houdini-baby", sleeping peacefully. Our blanket keeps baby snug and calm while preventing issues such as startle reflex, face scratching, and loose unraveled blankets from covering baby's face. 

Swaddle Magic™ is made with premium 180 GSM cotton that will provide unparalleled softness, comfort and warmth for your baby. The blanket also features a non-restrictive, hip healthy, zippered leg pouch which allows for quick and easy diaper changes without ever unswaddling or waking baby! 

Swaddle Magic™ has successfully passed all United States Consumer Product Safety Commission standards, so you can rest assured knowing the safety of your child is upheld to the highest standard.

Swaddle Magic™ is unlike any other swaddling blanket on the market today, making it a must-have for all parents and babies! Designed by a mom, and guaranteed to keep even the wiggliest of babies, swaddled and sleeping longer!