Step 1

Lay baby on the blanket centered with the leg pouch, and make sure the top of the inner swaddle is neck level.


Step 2

Fold one side of the inner swaddle over the baby's shoulder and under the baby's back. Do not pull too firmly on the shoulders, and make sure arms are parallel to baby's torso.


Step 3

Fold the second side of the inner swaddle over the baby’s other shoulder and under their back, again making sure not to pull too tightly on shoulders and making sure arms are parallel to baby’s torso


Step 4

Place baby’s legs into the leg pouch


Step 5

Fold short end of the outer swaddle across baby's chest firmly.


Step 6

Wrap the longer end of the outer swaddle around the baby until you run out of blanket ensuring it is snug. 

Diaper Changing

With Swaddle Magic, diaper changes are a cinch!


Safety Tips:

  • ONLY position baby laying on their back for swaddling
  • IMMEDIATELY discontinue use when baby shows signs of rolling from back to stomach
  • NEVER allow fabric near baby's mouth or nose
  • Pediatricians recommend healthy babies be placed on their backs to sleep to prevent the risk of SIDS
  • Babies should be lightly clothed for sleep and sleep at a recommended room temperature of 67-72℉
  • Baby should never feel hot to the touch
  • Never swaddle shoulders too firmly